Dermal Fillers

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Dermal Fillers
Dermal fillers are one of the many solutions in the fight to keep skin soft and plump as we age. They are applied directly into the skin using a needle to gently revolumise areas of sagging and laxity. There are many different brands available but they are classed as being either permanent or semi-permanent. I only use the semi-permanent type as they have a very high safety profile and are unlikely to cause any problems. The only real problem being that a client may not like the cosmetic appearance after the treatment.

If this is the case the product can be dissolved with an injectable solution quite easily. As the body safely breaks down semi-permanent or hylauronic acid fillers over a period of time, treatments can accommodate changes in the patients face over time. An additional bonus is that hylauronic acid will rejuvenate the skin and encourages regeneration and hydration.

So where can they be used? Pretty much anywhere a person desires to enhance or replace facial volume. The most common place is probably the lines that run from the sides of the nose to the corners of the lip or naso-labial folds, which is the correct anatomical description. Other areas include around the eye to soften lines or plump a sunken orbit ( tear Trough), plumping lips, Softening frown lines, Sculpting a more rounded cheek and redefining the chin and jaw line. Newer and finer products can be used in small amounts over the entire face and neck area to provide overall regeneration for a subtle rejuvenating effect great for the first signs of aging.

Sculptra is another revolumising injectable treatment, which stands alone. This is not a filler as it works by stimulating the skin to rebuild it’s own volume. Sometimes called a liquid face lift, this can provide astounding results that develop slowly and naturally over 10 months. Filler works by filling the skin inside with a soft gel, rather like stuffing a duvet into a duvet cover. Effects last around a year. Sculptra is product that is mixed with sterile water and injected as a suspension. The volume is quite large and injected in Specific areas; the face is immediately plumped and lifted. Over the next couple of days the water is reabsorbed leaving the Sculptra particles in significant areas. This can leave a person quite disenchanted, as it appears that there is no change. Patience is required at this point as the Sculptra starts its work. The living part of the skin, called the dermis, is stimulated as if it has incurred an injury. This means the skin starts a healing process by laying down collagen in the same way that a wound is healed. Over a period of 10 months at a rate of 10% month the skin is re-densified untill full potential is realised.

Results last around 3 years and are maintained with a top up treatment every 1 or 2 years. This a fantastic treatment giving soft and natural results that develop slowly and are easily maintained.

All our dermal filler treatments are performed in our Ongar, Essex based clinic.